The core of our business is to connect robotics engineers with anyone, anywhere. If you have a business, or an idea, and need to prototype or develop a product or tool, we can help. If you want the engineers that show up with a prototype where everyone else has a powerpoint, Robots Everywhere is the team you need.

For example, do you need…

High-fidelity prototyping to deliver a real, working idea to investors? Computer vision AI to log data about passing animals? Drone autopilot for an unmanned ground, air, or underwater vehicle, autonomous boat, or even biomimetic robot fish? Automated motor controllers to precisely activate your Battlebot’s weapon?
A carbon monoxide reducer for your gasifier power plant? An innovative smart drill to poke through Martian rock salt? Android-based robotic drive-by-wire systems that work on 2G on the other side of the world?

These are just some examples of what we’ve built for our clients.

What can we invent together?

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