3D Printer Sequential Accessory

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Automated 3D Printing

This simple accessory will sweep a finished workpiece off your 3D printer, allowing for continuous operation overnight if you are printing small parts. Requires NO software!

This simple addition allows fully automated batch production using a common 3D extrusion printer. The Printer Broom engages after the product has been printed, sliding along the print bed automatically and depositing the item into a holding box. Optimal results are obtained by mounting the 3D printer at a slight angle to ease collection of finished items in the container.

With only minor modifications to the gcode file, the user can create batch jobs for their own pre-sliced projects with a custom g-code file. This means pre-heating of the printer, creation of the product, broom activation and a cool down cycle will be fully automated. A simple firmware update will let your 3D printer recognize the new g-code commands, and attaching the power and control lines is easy, needing only a light modification to the printer hardware.

We have extensively tested batch production with the Solidoodle, and thanks to the Printer Broom, all we had to do is replace the expended spools!

Price: USD $105
Shipping Invoiced Separately