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A low cost, high reliability Android robotics platform! Turn any smartphone or wifi camera into an autonomous rover. Features two motor outputs, two servo outputs, and has sockets for Arduino shields and high-power motor drivers.

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Price: USD $59


Robots Anywhere is an advanced control system that runs on Android, and uses a hardware interface to allow a phone to control almost any type of robot or autonomous vehicle. Drones on land, sea, and air are all possible using Robots Anywhere, with off-the-shelf commercial hardware.

The Robots Anywhere app can output signals via bluetooth, wifi, serial, and audio to a “spinal cord” circuit like our own Antbot Board.


Please refer to our wiki for an install guide for Robots Anywhere 1.0.

To download the APK and the PC console, see below. The Android console (Requires Android 4.x or higher) is available on the Play Store.


Robots Anywhere 2.0 is currently in development, with a release hopeful near the end of 2020, along with a new series of products to support the next generation of Android-based robotics!


Download Details Type
Client for Android 2.x .apk
Client for Android 4.0+ .apk
Robots Anywhere Console x-zip-compressed
Client for Android 1.x .apk