CellSol LoRa32 - Pre-Flashed

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Connect Your Devices with the CellSol ESP32 WiFi Pylon

The ESP32 WiFi Pylon is an easy to assemble, WiFi capable CellSol pylon. It can be set up as its own WiFi access point, or connect to existing WiFi networks, and serves a simple proof-of-concept chat app that broadcasts along the LoRa network.

It uses the Heltec Lora32 or Lora32V2 microcontroller board as its base.

This is not a kit to build this pylon; this is ONLY the LoRa32 module pre-flashed with the latest CellSol firmware, a JST battery connector, and an antenna.

Additionally, you will need (not included):

  • A 3.7-4.2V Battery
  • Solar Panel
  • A case
Price: USD $30
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  • US Flat Rate: $10.00 USD
  • Canada Flat Rate: $30.00 USD
  • Rest of World* Flat Rate: $40.00 USD
  • * Excepting Italy and South Africa - special courier shipping will be invoiced separately

CellSol - A Network for Unity and Resilience

Robots Everywhere is proud to partner with the CellSol Project to provide a disaster-resistant last-mile solution to keep communication channels open even when the wider Internet is unavailable.

Please see their website for more information about CellSol, including assembly instructions for your kits, and how to set up your pylons.