Heavy Duty Motor Controller

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A small but powerful controller for brushed motors that uses automotive relays to handle hundreds of amps, and still gives you solid-state PWM speed control.

A more powerful Pololu

We use the Pololu MD03A motor controller regularly in our shop, but as it is capped at 500W, it wasn’t up for some more robust applications that we wanted. Our solution was to create the Heavy Hybrid Motor Controller, which uses the same wiring as the Pololu board but can work at up to in excess of 1.21 kilowatts.


Depending on the relays installed, the board can run at 12 volts or 24 volts. An off-the-shelf VF4 can be sourced from companies such as Autozone, making replacement very easy. Additionally, the ability to apply braking can be traded off for single-pin control over directionality – the controller only needs 4 pins to operate. When jumpers are removed, the module functions as would a Pololu module, but closing the jumpers allows for a 4-pin control mode.The linear voltage regulator generates 5 volts which may be used for your add-on hardware. We call this a hybrid drive, because though it primarily uses TrenchFET, the relays used in changing direction and has been successfully tested over 1.25 kilowatts.

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