Kitchentop Aeroponic Cell

We sell a partial kit, please contact us for details!

STL files and CellSol firmware here:

STL files here:

Video (Microcontroller) here:

Video (555) here:

Principle of operation:

Version 1 - A peristaltic pump wets a series of 113KHz mister elements from a lower water tank, sending mist under the grow tray so that it hits the plants' roots. Any extra moisture falls back and condenses to be pumped again

Version 2 - A 3d printed "greedy cup" type siphon keeps a constant water level of 2-3 millimeters inside the container, enough for the mister elements to scoop up and fire at the underside of the grow tray. This method requires one less moving parts but mandates that the grow tray be horizontal.

Due to the system's simplicity, a CellSol module can be used to drive the IRLZ44 transistors that turn the lights, misters, and pumps on and off. If the grow lights are operated manually, Version 2 can be run with a 555 timer!

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