Proejctors have many advantages over wall-mounted screens. One disadvantage is limited lamp life. LED projectors don't have this issue, but they're expensive; their existence however means that a lot of bulb projectors are hitting the second-hand market.

This is a tutorial detailing a simple mod that can be made to a projector bulb, to make it last longer.

Please note that Robots Everywhere does not sell projector bulbs; this was simply a weekend project that we decided to document.

Open the lamp drawer on the projector.
Get the lamp out.
There will be screws.
Be sure to remove all the screws.
Identify the power and ground on the lamp.
Power is generally in the back of the lamp.
Make it easy to get to the lamp's wires.
This is what the lamp's circuit looks like.
This is what you want it to look like.
A small capacitor, and a bit of stranded wire to act as a resistor.
Cut the power (+) wire inside the lamp, or desolder it.
Cutting is usually easier than desoldering in this case.
"Preload" some heat shrink on your resistor.
Bare some of the power wire...
... wet it with solder ...
... at both ends ...
... and add the resistor wire.
Then solder on the capacitor between the power and ground on the lamp.
Make sure to slide the heatshrink in place. It'll shrink as the lamp gets hot.
Put the lamp assembly back together.
Be sure the new parts fit, and don't disrupt airflow.
Carefully slide the lamp back in...
... and close the projector.
Enjoy! I've had a projector pretty much constantly ON for 3 years with this method (using ECO mode).
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