These are projects that are only tangentially RobotsEverywhere related, that are made available to the public.


NAVCOM_AI, first version of the air/land/sea navigation platform that evolved into our tracking and Robots Anywhere platforms.

Gehandler a simple application to programmatically control Google Earth.

Trakcycle a very simple Android app that can run on older phones to use them for vehicle tracking purposes


Ersatz battery booster for your phone. Built directly inside a Radio Shack.

Discrete charge pump I was out of RS232 level conversters, so I did this.

Serial on Android using the audio port good up to 24000 bps (not 2400, 24000)

PropBridge to connect your unrooted Android phone to, well, pretty much anything!

Stupid solar charger for SLAs, a slightly different version can be used to make a Solar Panel 3D Printer

Projector Lamp Life Extension because entertainment centers should be cheap to put together.

3D Printer Broom for continuous printing on a box-style 3d printer (Solidoodle, Monoprice etc)

Underwater Google Cardboard for your low budget zero gravity simulation needs.

A cookbook of various projects, from me and others.

Other Stuff!

Fast atan2 for microcontrollers (when your autonomous vehicle can't carry more than a GPS and a PIC)

We used to be tabletop game developers! Check out some of our ongoing hobby projects.

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