Our Mission

Robots Everywhere is dedicated to advancing the human cause through technology. Whether that is by building educational robots, helping to develop clean energy, making ocean exploration inexpensive, or helping to find life on other planets, Robots Everywhere will always look to a better future for the human race. All of us. Together.

Our Business

The core business model of Robots Everywhere is to perform robotics and instrumentation research and development for public, private, and academic clients.

Our core technologies are available under an open license, allowing makers and hobbyists to build equipment and tooling that would otherwise only be available to our team.

This furthers our mission of advancing humanity’s access to technology, by giving more people the tools to build and innovate.

The Robots Everywhere Team

Meet the Robots Everywhere family!

Our History

Robots Everywhere was founded by Kay, Riley, and Reason in 2008, with the development of the original Antbot and NAVCOM AI systems. Since then we have been solving problems and inventing new technologies day in and day out.

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