Privacy Policy

Robots Everywhere, LLC takes the privacy of its customers seriously. This privacy policy is intended to describe for you, the user of or our related sites what information we collect, and how it may be stored or shared with other services.

Robots Everywhere, LLC only stores information directly provided by our ordering system for the purpose of fulfilling product order requirements and warranty service. This information may be shared with the customer’s payment provider as necessary to obtain payment for goods or services, and additionally with government agencies as required by applicable (ie, tax) law.

In addition, Robots Everywhere, LLC retains all customer contact emails for the purposes of ensuring reliable and satisfactory customer support. Customer contact information will not be shared with any third party except by the direct request of the customer in question. Robots Everywhere, LLC attempts to not retain other customer data (such as mailing addresses) whenever possible.

This site does not use cookies, tracking or otherwise.

Robots Everywhere software does not “phone home” in any way, shape or form, with the single exception of pinging our public website in order to determine an external IP address when necessary.

We are not responsible for the privacy policies of third party sites that may be affiliated with or used by Robots Everywhere, LLC, such as Youtube.

Changes to this privacy policy are made available on this page.