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An L-Cheapo Laser Cutter Module, Original 2014 Model

The Original L-Cheapo - Six Years In and Still Going

L-Cheapo - Built to Last Since 2014

May 6, 2020

in: lasers

We had an interesting support ticket come in recently; an original L-Cheapo Mk1 needed a PWM adapter to be moved to a new machine. After running for six years, we thought this venerable laser deserved a salute. We don't play around when we guarantee our product for life. (We sent out a custom-designed PWM adapter, of course).

The L-Cheapo laser cutter attachment started out as an Indiegogo campaign in the first half of 2014. You can still see the historical campaign here. We raised almost $40,000 and by the end of August, all the lasers had gone out to our backers. It was a huge success, and it was not long before we started iterating on the design. Over the last six years, we have released seven versions of the L-Cheapo laser cutter, refining the design and riding the bleeding edge of laser diode advancement.

Today, you can buy the L-Cheapo mk7 and get over 10 watts of power in the same size package the original used to make the first 3D printer that could cut. They’re still guaranteed for life, too.

Our lasers are made in the USA: despite the pandemic, we have boards ready to go and are prepared to start shipping the L-Cheapo Mk7 immediately. Click Here to Order

An L-Cheapo Laser Cutter Module, Original 2014 Model