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The L-Cheapo Laser Cutter Module Mark 7 Seen from Below

The L-Cheapo Mk7 Laser Cutter Module

Introducing the L-Cheapo Laser Cutter Mk7

May 4, 2020

in: lasers

The L-Cheapo Laser Cutter Module has a new iteration! The Mark 7 is the newest iteration of the L-Cheapo laser cutter, with an even greater peak output than the 10W Mk6.

The L-Cheapo Mk7 is a redesign of the L-Cheapo’s patented cooling system, using a new wind tunnel tested shroud and a more powerful cooling fan. This allows the diode to run at a colder average temperature, increasing its continuous runtime and overall lifespan while making the output both stronger and more consistent.

We are waiting for our local independent testing lab to reopen before we can determine peak output, but we know it cuts various test materials (wood, acrylic, glass, even thin aluminum and copper) between 5 and 20% faster than the L-Cheapo Mk6.

Therefore, we are advertising the Mk7 at 10W+ for the moment, with the confidence that it’s giving us something higher than that.

L-Cheapo Mk7 Boards Ready for Assembly

Our lasers are made in the USA: despite the pandemic, we have boards ready to go and are prepared to start shipping the L-Cheapo Mk7 immediately. Order yours - or the L-Cheapo Mk6 if you need something quiet - on our website.