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An L-Cheapo Mk7 Laser Cutter burning a pattern into a wood log

Woodburning with L-Cheapo Lasers

Sep 20, 2021

in: lasers, community

While we continue to move forward on Antbot Mk2 development, we have another customer submission for everyone. This time by Keith Wagar, from Facebook (no references provided), he has sent us some nice photos of a wood burning project he has been doing using the L-Cheapo mk7 laser.

The burn was done on 25% power, 2000mm/min, onto laminated boards. While the submission did not include the type of wood used, our own experience is that these settings are a good starting point for most woods, though softer woods such as pine may require more speed or less power.

The finished work is below, and we hope you enjoyed it.

A photo of a finished image of a bicycle riding through forested mountains, burnt onto laminated wood