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A lovely engraving posted by Duarte Silva

More L-Cheapo Mk7 Engravings

Dec 14, 2021

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We love posting cool L-Cheapo projects sent to us by our customers, and this one comes from Duarte Silva of Portugal. He's done a few engravings like this on his new L-Cheapo Mk7, and I do say they've turned out very well. Check out the video, too!

The L-Cheapo Mk7 is our most powerful model, boasting an output power of approximately 12 watts at the workpiece. Still backed by our lifetime guarantee, L-Cheapo is the 800 pound gorilla of the consumer diode laser market. Duarte shows exactly why that is with these engravings, running at 254 dpi at a blazing 32000mm/min, 100% power. He did not say what model of gantry he started with, but it looks heavily customized, further showing his skills. If you want a laser module of your own, head over to the store.

We look forward to sharing more of Mr. Silva’s work, and he has already started customizing his L-Cheapo installation. Here’s a photo of a brace he added to the mk7 heatsink, to reduce vibrations at high engraving speeds.

A photo of a vibration dampening brace on an L-Cheapo Mk7 laser module

If you’re looking to learn more about L-Cheapo, swing over to our product page.

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