Rapid Prototyping and Consulting Services

Got a business? Got an idea? Need a prototype? We’re the team to call.

Got a shop, or a project? Need a tool? We’re the team to call.

We have designed solutions for small back country farms, and sent our instrumentation to Mars on the Perseverance rover. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we are your prototyping and engineering specialists.


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L-Cheapo Laser Cutter

Looking for the L-Cheapo Laser Cutter? It is a reliable, durable diode laser cutter that can be installed on any CNC or 3D printer in under an hour, without sacrificing 3D printing capability.

L-Cheapo delivers 10+ watts of real, measured output power, all with a lifetime guarantee.



Made in the USA

Our technology is proudly made in the USA, and goes anywhere, from the surface of Mars to the BattleBots arena, all manner of deserts, in and on the ocean, into space – even to kindergarten! Our designs can withstand any challenge.

We take “No job too big or too small” seriously, from providing support for a $15 modem module to industrial solar tracking and hydroelectric control systems.


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Open Source Technology Development

We believe that power over technology should reside with the user rather than the manufacturer, and design with customization in mind: most of our products have prototyping areas covered by the warranty! We are happy to give back to the maker community in the form of a range of open source designs and code snippets, and a cookbook of electronic designs for you to learn from.


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