Our History

Robots Everywhere was founded in 2008 after the development of the NAVCOM AI, and over its lifetime has seen the depths of the ocean, the surface of Mars, the tops of the clouds, and even kindergarten.

USAF Development
Robots Everywhere’s UAS partnership with DropDrone was selected for a Phase I R&D program with the United States Air Force.
A Return to Drones
We engineered a modular system of integrating a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) system into existing fixed wing airframes. Partnered with DropDrone, LLC for sales and iterative development. The development was selected for two open topic projects immediately.
SMOL Robots
Released the Small Mobile Observation Link (SMOL), a tiny, lightweight rover drone with an observation camera
The Next Mars Project
Our engineers developed and patented a novel rocker-bogie suspension system for multiple terrain unmanned vehicles both on Earth and in future missions to the moon and mars, and released it as the Antbot Rocker.
Laser Chlorophyll Detector Lands on Mars
Our laser chlorophyll detector lands on Mars and begins its search for life
Saving Hospitals in Italy
Ospedale Giuseppe Castelli in Verbania was able to stay open due to our PPE initiatives and partnership with an Italian manufacturer of our 3D printable face shields and plastics.
Salt Filters to Survive COVID
Partnering with emergency medical research teams, we developed a salt-based droplet filter and other accessible personal protective equipment (PPE) for the COVID-19 pandemic.
Partnered with the CellSol (Cellular-Solar) Project, a wireless mesh network for disaster resilient communication.
The Laser Chlorophyll Detector Launches!
The Mars 2020 mission launches successfully, with the laser chlorophyll detector integrated onto the Perseverance rover.
Antbot Returns!
We release Antbot 2.0, a modernized, updated Robots Anywhere, rebranded with a modern user experience and improved performance
L-Cheapo Mk7
We launch the L-Cheapo Mk7, the first diode laser cutter to break the 10 watt barrier and successfully cut metal
Once Inch Punch
Developed the One Inch Punch, a small motor and stepper controller designed to be mesh networked and scale to industrial projects.
Mars 2020 - The Real Space Mission
We finally completed development of the laser chlorophyll detector, designed to search for microscopic plant life through Martian quartz. It would be launched on the upcoming Mars 2020 mission aboard the Perseverance rover.
Outer Space in VR?
We engineered a low cost underwater VR system intended to provide the experience of weightlessness in space at an accessible cost, through Google Cardboard.
A 5-Watt Solid State Laser
Developed the L-Cheapo Mk4, the first diode laser cutter to break the 5 watt barrier.
3D Printing Silicone
Designed a two-part liquid 3D printer to print silicone structures and rapidly cure it in the field.
Designed the electronic control systems for Bronco, one of the most famous Battlebots of all time, competing from 2016 to 2018.
Cutting with 3D Printers
Our engineers developed an organometallic 3D printer filament intended for printing rigid structures, successfully printing sharp blades for disposable medical sharps.
Android in the Air
Robots Anywhere took flight for the first time, launching the first Android powered unmanned aircraft.
MRDS - One Step Closer to Space
Renegade rovers are used as robotic stretchers in a simulated Mars mission with the Mars Desert Research Station.
L-Cheapo: The First Commercial Diode Laser Cutter
L-Cheapo, the world’s first commercial diode laser cutter, is released through a successful crowdfunding campaign.
Kerbal Space Program
Robots Anywhere goes to space (virtually) in the hit video game Kerbal Space Program.
Our engineering team designed openROV, the first open source unmanned underwater vehicle.
Android Based Robotics
We released Robots Anywhere, the first Android based robotics platform, at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco.
Antbots go to University
Robots Everywhere partnered with the University of Ottawa to publish a thesis on using genetic algorithms to program mobile robots, using the Antbot
Antbots in School
Robots Everywhere launched the educational Antbot, our first retail product, a dual microcontroller based robot designed for the classroom
Robots Everywhere
MKB and Riley founded the company, and accepted our first contract to develop a NAVCOM AI survey boat for eTrac Engineering
MK Borri launched ELAINE, the world’s first fully autonomous sailboat, using the NAVCOM AI
Development of NAVCOM AI
MK Borri developed the NAVCOM AI, a groundbreaking GPS based navigation controller for autonomous aircraft, ground rovers, and boats