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A Pan Tilt Mount for a Camera Using a Stepper and Servo

A single one inch punch can run this tool mount

Adding Bluetooth to One Inch Punch

Oct 4, 2019

in: robots, one inch punch

We took the pan/tilt mount from Wednesday and added Bluetooth support. People were asking if the One Inch Punch could be made wireless, and the answer is “in about twenty minutes”. Plans after the break.

This is a small demonstration showing that the One Inch Punch bus can be accessed wirelessly, such as this HC-05 Bluetooth Module. This allows more widespread or mobile automation solutions, such as drones, to rely on the One Inch Punch for internal control, and a remote control for an external interface. You may also wish to use wireless connectivity for wearable or mobile integrations.

Circuit Diagram for Connecting HC-05 Bluetooth Module to One Inch Punch

Note that the HC-05 specifically uses 3.3V TTL (“true”, or idle high) logic, while the Picaxe on the One Inch Punch uses 5V inverted logic (idle low). This means a logic adapter circuit was required to connect the One Inch Punch and the HC-05. The schematic for this adapter is included in the video, and also below.