The Story of SMOL

The SMOL Rover - Release Candidate 3
Apr 14, 2022

The SMOL is Robots Everywhere's latest robotics platform, and it has a rather long story behind it. To introduce the SMOL, it is a tiny mobile camera system that can connect to, or provide, a WiFi network that allows a user to control the robot via a web interface or API. It is designed for extensibility - more servos, more sensors, different chassis - and we hope retail customers will enjoy it as much as our industrial ones.


The New Robots Everywhere Store

The New Robots Everywhere Storefront
Dec 14, 2021

One of the things we decided we wanted to do before the launch of Antbot 2.0 is replace the store. The old web store was built on a dated engine that lacked a lot of convenience features for users, and was specialized for the use case of one user purchasing one product. This worked well for the early days of L-Cheapo, with no options, giving users a 'push button, receive laser' experience. As our range of products evolves, so too must our store.


Presenting a New Rover Suspension to the Mars Society

A prototype six wheel rover using a rocker-bogie suspension with pulley balance system
Oct 29, 2021

As part of the Antbot 2.0 development, we've invented a new form of rocker-bogie suspension (patent pending), that uses a cable system to balance the rocker arms. On October 16th, we presented this design at the Mars Society Convention. Now that they have posted our presentation to the general public, we would like to share this mechanism with you!


Antbot 2.0 Update

The New Antbot Console
Oct 20, 2021

With the launch of Antbot 2.0 around the corner, we've been looking for opportunities to share some of our development efforts with our readers. With the new motherboards prototyped and passing tests, and the new console software nearly ready for a beta release, we wanted to show you something.


Riley's Land Raider - Painted and Driving!

A Warhammer 40k Space Wolves Land Raider - Remote Controlled with FPV
May 31, 2021

2021 brought a lot of setbacks to the FPV driving Land Raider. Paint shortages, a long winter, and the struggles of the pandemic turned a few weeks of painting time into six months of waiting. Finally, however, it is here, and it is impressive.


The Machine Spirit Awakens!

A Warhammer 40k Land Raider, Partially Built, with LEDs and Remote Control
Oct 23, 2020

While we're not quite ready to reveal the projects we've been spending a lot of the fall of 2020 on, Riley has been doing something with an in-development robot architecture in his spare time. This is a Land Raider model from Warhammer 40000, by Games Workshop, fitted up with lights, sounds, a camera, and working FPV drive! While it's not finished yet, it runs and drives, so here's a video and an in-depth look on how he built it.


Automated Delivery Drone from Recycled Materials

Truckbot from Recycled Chassis
Mar 30, 2020

With the COVID19 pandemic, restaurants and businesses have needed alternative delivery methods to reach their customers. Robots Anywhere provides an inexpensive solution to upgrade any chassis to cellular drive-by-wire, even in low bandwidth environments.


Building Robotic Fish in Norway!

The Aquaai Team and the Robots Everywhere Team Together
Dec 1, 2019

In Q4 2019, we spent a lot of time collaborating with a Norwegian firm called Aquaai on a very interesting project: biomimicry. They were developing robot fish, and conveniently, we develop robot nervous systems. This was a very fun team-up and we’re looking forward to working with them again! In the summer of 2019, Aquaai contracted us to start developing a control board for a robotic fish. We were really excited about this project, as many of Matteo’s most interesting robotics designs have been inspired by nature.


A Simple One Inch Punch Project

A Pan Tilt Mount for a Camera Using a Stepper and Servo
Oct 4, 2019

Just a quick build today to demonstrate how the One Inch Punch can be used to make a swiveling tool mount. This One Inch Punch is one of the prototypes, excuse the solder - we didn’t have any production ones left in stock! This tool mount could be used as the basis for an arm, engraver, sensor or camera mount, controlled externally or by another One Inch Punch on the same bus.


Adding Bluetooth to One Inch Punch

A Pan Tilt Mount for a Camera Using a Stepper and Servo
Oct 4, 2019

We took the pan/tilt mount from Wednesday and added Bluetooth support. People were asking if the One Inch Punch could be made wireless, and the answer is “in about twenty minutes”. Plans after the break. This is a small demonstration showing that the One Inch Punch bus can be accessed wirelessly, such as this HC-05 Bluetooth Module. This allows more widespread or mobile automation solutions, such as drones, to rely on the One Inch Punch for internal control, and a remote control for an external interface.