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The New Robots Everywhere Storefront

The New Storefront - Modern and User Friendly

The New Robots Everywhere Store

Dec 14, 2021

in: robots, lasers, community

One of the things we decided we wanted to do before the launch of Antbot 2.0 is replace the store. The old web store was built on a dated engine that lacked a lot of convenience features for users, and was specialized for the use case of one user purchasing one product. This worked well for the early days of L-Cheapo, with no options, giving users a 'push button, receive laser' experience. As our range of products evolves, so too must our store.

With the new store, users will have more typical shopping cart functionality. Product descriptions have also been improved, and the new store framework allows for us to present more options to customers, without the need for custom invoices. Options such as custom mounting hardware now have their own product sections, and built-in forms that allow you to specify your exact needs, starting the email conversation automatically.

Visit the New Store!

The L-Cheapo Mk6 in the new store

Shipping options will improve over time; for now, the same flat rate shipping we offered before is available, without the hassle of “your product won’t fit in the box, contact us for a shipping invoice”. We’ve got that (mostly) covered. We’re even looking at offering shipping with other couriers, though with the increased cost to both us and the customer, we will continue to offer it as a special order service at the moment.

Checking Shipping in the New Store

We hope you enjoy the new store. As always, if you need support, feel free to Contact Us. We are always here to help.

More Antbot 2.0 coming in January. We’re ready to go!