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A prototype six wheel rover using a rocker-bogie suspension with pulley balance system

Presenting a New Rover Suspension to the Mars Society

Oct 29, 2021

in: robots, space

As part of the Antbot 2.0 development, we've invented a new form of rocker-bogie suspension (patent pending), that uses a cable system to balance the rocker arms. On October 16th, we presented this design at the Mars Society Convention. Now that they have posted our presentation to the general public, we would like to share this mechanism with you!

If you’ve followed previous Antbot 2.0 postings, you’ll know that this is the prototype of the Antbot Explorer design. We have not yet chosen a final design for the chassis, with both six and eight wheeled, as well as tracked, models in various stages of development. We are currently also considering a modular kit. Why not tell us what you think?

We are prepared to develop custom designs for commercial and industrial clients based on this technology, using our Antbot 2.0, ESP32, NAVCOM, or analog control systems. We also support integrating our technology with existing client systems, including the NAVCOM AI, Hoverfly, and ArduPilot.

Here is the video of our presentation from the Mars Society channel. If you have any questions about the mechanism, Antbot 2.0, or our other developments, please contact us.