Presenting a New Rover Suspension to the Mars Society

A prototype six wheel rover using a rocker-bogie suspension with pulley balance system
Oct 29, 2021

As part of the Antbot 2.0 development, we've invented a new form of rocker-bogie suspension (patent pending), that uses a cable system to balance the rocker arms. On October 16th, we presented this design at the Mars Society Convention. Now that they have posted our presentation to the general public, we would like to share this mechanism with you!


Robots Everywhere Founder on Italian TV

Robots Everywhere founder Matteo Borri, appearing on Kre@TV.
Jul 16, 2021

Our founder, Matteo Borri, was recently interviewed on Italian television station Kre@TV regarding both their contributions to space exploration, as well as the charitable efforts Robots Everywhere made towards helping COVID19 relief in the Verbania region of Italy. We'd just like to share the video of this interview with our Italian-speaking audience, so they might enjoy it.


Chlorophyll Detector on Mars Rover 2020!

The Robots Everywhere Laser Chlorophyll Detector
Jul 31, 2019

The chlorophyll detector we developed with NASA Ames Research is going to be launched to Mars in 2020! The final design of the detector was sent for space rating in May 2019, and while Robots Everywhere is sad to not be producing the space rated model that will be going up on the rover (NASA is doing that in-house) we are very happy to have our names on the design, and our instrument finally traveling to the red planet.


Pykrete from Martian Regolith

A Model Mars Habitation Structure from Pykrete
Oct 1, 2015

With every milligram of weight mattering so much, there's no way it makes sense to bring building materials with us beyond the absolute bare minimum. Bricks of a substance much like this could soon form the first semi-permanent off-Earth settlement humanity has ever created!


Flying Cameras on Mars

Matteo Borri in a Space Suit at MRDS in Utah
Jan 23, 2015

Since quadcopters don't work on mars, we developed a ballistic camera drone that can be fired into the air and return safely, to conduct near-site surveys.


The Phonesats Have Launched!

The Antares Rocket Carrying the Phonesats
Apr 25, 2013

The PhoneSats have launched! We have contributed to the PhoneSat project by writing the custom kernel for the phone, and designing a serial router to tie the phonesat's systems together. This eventually became the PropBridge.