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The Antares Rocket Carrying the Phonesats

The Phonesats Have Launched!

Apr 25, 2013

in: space

The PhoneSats have launched!

We have contributed to the PhoneSat project by writing the custom kernel for the phone, and designing a serial router to tie the phonesat's systems together. This eventually became the PropBridge.

The Antares rocket’s first launch carried the PhoneSats, designed in a collaboration between Robots Everywhere and other firms, into space today. This marks the first time our builds have left the atmosphere!

More information can be found at www.phonesat.org

To celebrate, we made a space-themed board game through the Emlia Foundation that can be downloaded for free; you will need dice and optionally a 3D printer for the token models, although we’ve been playing it with Antbot parts and pennies

Credit to NASA for the video.