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The Robots Everywhere Laser Chlorophyll Detector

Chlorophyll Detector on Mars Rover 2020!

Jul 31, 2019

in: space, science, android, instruments

The chlorophyll detector we developed with NASA Ames Research is going to be launched to Mars in 2020!

The final design of the detector was sent for space rating in May 2019, and while Robots Everywhere is sad to not be producing the space rated model that will be going up on the rover (NASA is doing that in-house) we are very happy to have our names on the design, and our instrument finally traveling to the red planet. Members of the Mars Society and Planetology department believe that a laser chlorophyll detector may be our best chance yet of finding life on mars.

It is among our greatest accomplishments to be able to contribute to space exploration as a small business. It shows that the American spirit is not yet dead, and that excellence and innovation can still make things possible.

The Planet Mars, Public Domain Stock Image