Robots Everywhere Founder on Italian TV

Robots Everywhere founder Matteo Borri, appearing on Kre@TV.
Jul 16, 2021

Our founder, Matteo Borri, was recently interviewed on Italian television station Kre@TV regarding both their contributions to space exploration, as well as the charitable efforts Robots Everywhere made towards helping COVID19 relief in the Verbania region of Italy. We'd just like to share the video of this interview with our Italian-speaking audience, so they might enjoy it.


AudioSerial Over the Air!

A Food Delivery Box with AudioSerial Modem Lock
Jan 22, 2021

Robots Everywhere has once again partnered with Tarlow Design to help food deliveries reach their clients securely and safely, in the wake of COVID-19. We hope with the use of our technology, we can overcome some common problems small restaurants have with big delivery services. More interestingly, we've found a way to expand our AudioSerial technology to operate over the air - not just over the wire!


PAPR Suit from Inflatable Costume

An inflatable astronaut costume converted into a PAPR suit for respiratory protection
May 7, 2020

Similar to the positive pressure suit we made before, using painter’s suits, we made another one using an inflatable costume. This will work with any similar inflatable suit, like the silly dinosaur, but being space cases we went for the astronaut.


Bringing Faceshields to Verbania

A Robots Everywhere designed face shield being worn in Verbania, Italy
Apr 8, 2020

Our faceshield design is really making a difference. With shortages reaching extreme levels in northern Italy, especially smaller places like K's hometown of Verbania, we had to help. We reached out to every small fabrication shop we could. Eventually, we found one that would help. For the first week of April 2020, we were reaching out to shipping companies and fabrication shops in order to find anyone who would get our faceshields to Verbania.


3D Printing Faceshields

Matteo Borri, Founder of Robots Everywhere in a Bread Bag Face Shield
Apr 2, 2020

Both face shields, and the PET plastic sheets which they are made from are in short supply right now. This project will let you build a face shield from any thin translucent plastic, even a bread bag, by spreading the plastic tightly with a 3D printed part.


Positive Pressure Suit for COVID19

Matteo Borri, Founder of Robots Everywhere in a Positive Pressure PPE Suit
Apr 2, 2020

With the shortage of medical PPE throughout the world due to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, we have improvised an effective positive-pressure PPE suit. Our prorotypes have already been sent out to American hospitals. Here are the plans!


Donating Face Shields in Marin

Donating Face Shields to a local clinic in Marin County, Caliornia
Apr 1, 2020

With the COVID19 pandemic causing shortages of PPE nationwide, Robots Everywhere has stepped in to help provide resources to our local hospitals. Our 3D Printers have been running day and night to produce frames for these face shields, intended to use semi-rigid plastic such as transparency covers from Staples or Office Depot. See below for the plans.