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A Robots Everywhere designed face shield being worn in Verbania, Italy

Face shields are being made for Italy

Bringing Faceshields to Verbania

Apr 8, 2020

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Our faceshield design is really making a difference. With shortages reaching extreme levels in northern Italy, especially smaller places like K's hometown of Verbania, we had to help. We reached out to every small fabrication shop we could. Eventually, we found one that would help.

For the first week of April 2020, we were reaching out to shipping companies and fabrication shops in order to find anyone who would get our faceshields to Verbania. While international relief had already come to Italy, the small hospital there had fallen through the cracks and was still heavily rationing PPE. It is very difficult to ship to Italy even without a pandemic, due to the reputation of their postal service. Eventually, we found Redtide SNC, a small fabrication shop in Gravellona Toce, not far from Verbania.

A Robots Everywhere designed face shield made by Redtide SNC in Italy

The faceshields will be sent to Ospedale Castelli di Pallanza, in exchange for a grant of commercial license to Redtide SNC. We hope they will use this responsibly and continue to help as they already have during this global pandemic.

face shields at Redtide SNC workshop

We hope with the PPE shortages ending, and the flattening of the curve staritng to work in the western world, this is one of our final posts about COVID19 relief. At least we can rest a little, knowing our families are safer.