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Donating Face Shields to a local clinic in Marin County, Caliornia

Donating a box of face shields to a local clinic

Donating Face Shields in Marin

Apr 1, 2020

in: community, covid19

With the COVID19 pandemic causing shortages of PPE nationwide, Robots Everywhere has stepped in to help provide resources to our local hospitals. Our 3D Printers have been running day and night to produce frames for these face shields, intended to use semi-rigid plastic such as transparency covers from Staples or Office Depot. See below for the plans.

These face shields can be 3d printed in singles or in stacks, and are available on Thingiverse along with other PPE designs we have provided to health care professionals. We have also sent these face shields and other PPE designs to hospitals in Massacheusetts, elsewhere in California, and Mexico.

Robots Everywhere provides itself on its commitment to the local community, and using our skills and technology to build a better neighbourhood.