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Robots Everywhere founder Matteo Borri, appearing on Kre@TV.

Robots Everywhere Founder on Italian TV

Jul 16, 2021

in: community, space, covid19, instruments

Our founder, Matteo Borri, was recently interviewed on Italian television station Kre@TV regarding both their contributions to space exploration, as well as the charitable efforts Robots Everywhere made towards helping COVID19 relief in the Verbania region of Italy. We'd just like to share the video of this interview with our Italian-speaking audience, so they might enjoy it.

Some of the projects discussed in the interview include the Chlorophyll Detector going to Mars on the Perserverance Rover, and our donation and help distributing face shields in Italy. Robots Everywhere is proud to be built on such a strong foundation, and we know that without Matteo, none of what we have done today, or where we are going, would be possible.

Thank you, Matteo.