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Truckbot from Recycled Chassis

Automated Delivery Drone from Recycled Materials

Mar 30, 2020

in: robots, community, android

With the COVID19 pandemic, restaurants and businesses have needed alternative delivery methods to reach their customers. Robots Anywhere provides an inexpensive solution to upgrade any chassis to cellular drive-by-wire, even in low bandwidth environments.

The truckbots in the video were built from surplus chassis from Radio Shack’s sad departure from the world of home tinkering, and were repurposed with Android phones running Robots Anywhere to become delivery drones.

Remote Delivery Drones

Robots Everywhere has been providing drive-by-wire and autopilot solutions since 2008. We are currently selling off these surplus truckbots in our store for only $149 US dollars.

If you are interested in more robust truckbots, Contact Us.