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The Aquaai Team and the Robots Everywhere Team Together

Building Robotic Fish in Norway!

Dec 1, 2019

in: robots

In Q4 2019, we spent a lot of time collaborating with a Norwegian firm called Aquaai on a very interesting project: biomimicry. They were developing robot fish, and conveniently, we develop robot nervous systems. This was a very fun team-up and we’re looking forward to working with them again!

In the summer of 2019, Aquaai contracted us to start developing a control board for a robotic fish. We were really excited about this project, as many of Matteo’s most interesting robotics designs have been inspired by nature. While the collapse in infrastructure in California delayed development, by October we were ready to roll. Flights were booked, and the team was on the way to Norway.

View of Drammen Harbor in Drammen, Norway, from the Aquaai Office

With our boots on the ground in Oslo, we were on a tight schedule to get the ten initial boards integrated into the prototype Aquaai fish, as well as prototype and test a new LIDAR module we were working on in collaboration. Working hard through the weekend with the Aquaai team, we were able to wrap up on Tuesday night and plan to enjoy a couple of days off in Oslo before returning home.

Matteo Borri and Simeon Pieterkosky with a LIDAR boom at Aquaai in Drammen, Norway

At the end of the last day, we did end up getting to see the fish go. Sadly, we weren’t in Norway long enough to see the full integration tests in the water, but Aquaai were quite happy with the results.

After the trip, we were able to head up to Canada and take a much deserved vacation with family. See you in the new year!

It’s nice to see the captain so happy.

Matteo Borri aboard Fram, in the Fram Museum in Oslo, Norway, grinning