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A Pan Tilt Mount for a Camera Using a Stepper and Servo

A single one inch punch can run this tool mount

A Simple One Inch Punch Project

Oct 4, 2019

in: robots, one inch punch

Just a quick build today to demonstrate how the One Inch Punch can be used to make a swiveling tool mount. This One Inch Punch is one of the prototypes, excuse the solder - we didn’t have any production ones left in stock!

This tool mount could be used as the basis for an arm, engraver, sensor or camera mount, controlled externally or by another One Inch Punch on the same bus. You could add this to other joints, and build a whole robot if you wanted.

The build was very simple, and took about 5 minutes outside of print time. Just connect the stepper and the servo, connect the serial port, and go. The 3d printed pan/tilt assembly was found on Thingiverse and the servo and stepper connected to the One Inch Punch.

The default One Inch Punch firmware was used, and the serial port was connected directly to my laptop to control the pan/tilt mount.