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CellSol Arduino Repeater Pylon Kit

CellSol: A Network for Resilience and Unity

CellSol Kits are Available!

Nov 27, 2020

in: community, instruments, science

CellSol kits are now available on the Robots Everywhere Product Store! For those who are looking to expand their CellSol networks, kits to build Arduino Repeater Pylons with and without Bluetooth are available. We also offer a pre-flashed version of the LoRa32 used to set up an ESP32 WiFi Pylon.

We are very happy to be supporting the CellSol project, and proceeds from these pylons are paying for further development by Robots Everywhere on CellSol - better hardware, firmware improvements, and prototypes for advanced pylons.

Additionally, CellSol just released Beta 0.25.

Keep an eye out on https://www.f3.to/cellsol for updates on the beta. We will be continuing to support them on this blog, as well.