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Custom Parallax Propeller Boards

Four PCBs ready to be deployed.

Parallax Propeller Case Studies

Apr 21, 2023

in: manufacturing

We'd like to showcase the bespoke work we've been doing using the Parallax Propeller. The Prop and Prop2 are unique multicore microcontrollers made by Parallax Inc; their architecture allows for executing parallel tasks in hardware, which makes them perfect for things like autopilots or applications that need to control a number of motors and sensors at once. The Prop is a capable brain for small and medium robot designs, and an excellent spine for more complex designs where a Pi or other SBC has to do the abstract thinking.

Project 1: OCCUMETRIC Inc. Posture Testing Station

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with OCCUMETRIC Inc. to manufacture the hardware for their posture testing program. OCCUMETRIC is a company dedicated to improving workplace environments, focusing on employee wellbeing as the key to boosting retention, morale, engagement, and productivity.

By using the Parallax Propeller microcontroller in their testing station, OCCUMETRIC is able to efficiently gather and process data to create tailored recommendations for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Their three-step process, which includes assessment, engagement, and change, has already yielded impressive results, such as reducing staff turnover by 12% and saving one client approximately $266k in employee replacement costs.

Project 2: BudRobot – Precise Measurement and Dispensing of Medical Ingredients

In collaboration with BudRobot, we've developed a system that harnesses the parallel processing power of the Parallax Propeller microcontroller to accurately measure and analyze the active ingredients in 24 medical-grade containers simultaneously. The system is also capable of performing real-time statistical analysis on the measurements.

To ensure the proper dosage is provided to the end user, a robotic arm controlled by a PC and connected to the Propeller microcontroller is employed. This level of precision and speed in measuring and dispensing medical ingredients demonstrates the potential of the Parallax Propeller microcontroller to revolutionize a variety of industries.

Project 3: RoboSundae – A Fun and Interactive Sundae-Making Robot

The third project, RoboSundae, brings together the fun of a Rube Goldberg machine with the utility of a sundae-making robot. Powered by the Parallax Propeller microcontroller, RoboSundae features a robotic arm that moves around and turns knobs to add toppings to a customer's sundae, offering an entertaining experience for all ages.

The Propeller's capabilities allow it to control numerous actuators and receive feedback from multiple sensors simultaneously, making the robotic arm's movements efficient and precise. Furthermore, we've implemented our open-sourced audio-serial technology, which enables any device with an audio output to control the RoboSundae machine.

Project 4: Unnamed Project – Aiding Neuroscience Research at Universitat Berlin

Our fourth project features the use of the more advanced Parallax Propeller-2 chip in collaboration with a neuroscientist at Universitat Berlin. The project aims to study fish reflex actions when exposed to weak electric fields, and the Propeller-2 chip plays a critical role in the research process.

By employing the Propeller-2 chip, we were able to replace an entire shelf of instruments, including devices responsible for modulating and measuring electric fields, as well as DAC hardware for interfacing with Mathlab. This compact solution not only saves space but also streamlines the research process for the neuroscientist.

These additional projects demonstrate the remarkable capabilities and adaptability of the Parallax Propeller microcontroller and its more advanced counterpart, the Propeller-2 chip. At Robots Everywhere, LLC, we take pride in exploring the possibilities of such cutting-edge technologies and leveraging them to create innovative solutions for various industries and applications.

We look forward to sharing more updates on our work and the groundbreaking projects we are currently developing. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in collaborating or learning more about our products and services.