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The Sincerest Flattery

A Robots Anywhere Antbot Variant Made by a Customer
Feb 12, 2013

Most of everything we sell is open source and open schematic � Jodi has built an Android rover based on the antbot design, with minimal help from us. Take a look!


Automating Wood Gasifiers in Serbia

A Woodgas Generator Being Operated in Rural Serbia
Oct 9, 2012

Most of our robots are electric, so we’re always on the lookout for ways to operate them cleanly. Developing and automating clean woodgas generators is a good way to do that in environments where batteries are scarce. So we did. If you’re interested in gasifier automation, contact us or check out our store. What’s wood gas? Check out Wikipedia Working with SITES Srl, we provided design and autonomous control solutions for a gasification power plant, as well as a series of small-drop hydroelectric projects.


OpenROV in the New York Times

The OpenROV, Designed by Robots Everywhere
May 28, 2012

The OpenROV, designed by the Robots Everywhere team for NASA engineer Eric Stackpole, has made it into the New York Times! Check out the article after the break.


Barge Tracking with eTrac Engineering

eTrac Engineering and Robots Everywhere Testing Bargetrac in Sausalito Harbor, California
Sep 16, 2011

eTrac Engineering was our first major client as a consulting company, and we operated as their principal design contractors even before founding Robots Everywhere. In 2011, we built a solar powered tracker for their barges. The BargeTrac system is a solar powered low current circuit. It is an evolution of the proprietary eTrac circuit board. BargeTrac uses two GPS units to improve positional accuracy and generate accurate heading data on metal barges on which a compass would not be effective.