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Pykrete from Martian Regolith

A Model Mars Habitation Structure from Pykrete
Oct 1, 2015

With every milligram of weight mattering so much, there's no way it makes sense to bring building materials with us beyond the absolute bare minimum. Bricks of a substance much like this could soon form the first semi-permanent off-Earth settlement humanity has ever created!


Battlebots 2015!

Battlebots Bronco Logo Insignia by Inertia Labs
Jun 25, 2015

We participated in Battlebots 2015 by providing the firmware and some of the electronics for Inertia Labs' Bronco heavyweight battlebot. Check out the show on ABC starting today! Bronco's first fight will broadcast June 28th.


Google Cardboard on Android 2

A Person Doing Yoga in the Robots Everywhere Office
Feb 15, 2015

We backported Google Cardboard to Android 2 in order to use old surplus phones to teach yoga.


Flying Cameras on Mars

Matteo Borri in a Space Suit at MRDS in Utah
Jan 23, 2015

Since quadcopters don't work on mars, we developed a ballistic camera drone that can be fired into the air and return safely, to conduct near-site surveys.


A $300 Solar E-Bike

An Inexpensive Solar Ebike
Jul 18, 2014

This is the e-bike I put together for my friend Dee, the job took about an afternoon. Robots Everywhere is always happy to share our talents with our friends and neighbours to make the world around us a better place, and stick it to pollution.


Laser Audio Transmission with L-Cheapo

The Hookup for a Laser Audio Transmitter using L-Cheapo
Aug 7, 2013

The L-Cheapo laser cutter can do more than cut, engrave, or burn. It can also be used for direct-beam audio transmission! Make sure your goggles are secured for this one!


We're in Kerbal Space Program!

The Kerbal Space Program Team at Squad Unboxing a Robots Everywhere Solar Rover
Aug 7, 2013

The next step after space was obviously the awesome indie game Kerbal Space Program. We built another solar rover and sent it to the developers, as thanks for adding rovers into the game.


The Phonesats Have Launched!

The Antares Rocket Carrying the Phonesats
Apr 25, 2013

The PhoneSats have launched! We have contributed to the PhoneSat project by writing the custom kernel for the phone, and designing a serial router to tie the phonesat's systems together. This eventually became the PropBridge.


The Sincerest Flattery

A Robots Anywhere Antbot Variant Made by a Customer
Feb 12, 2013

Most of everything we sell is open source and open schematic � Jodi has built an Android rover based on the antbot design, with minimal help from us. Take a look!


Automating Wood Gasifiers in Serbia

A Woodgas Generator Being Operated in Rural Serbia
Oct 9, 2012

Most of our robots are electric, so we’re always on the lookout for ways to operate them cleanly. Developing and automating clean woodgas generators is a good way to do that in environments where batteries are scarce. So we did. If you’re interested in gasifier automation, contact us or check out our store. What’s wood gas? Check out Wikipedia Working with SITES Srl, we provided design and autonomous control solutions for a gasification power plant, as well as a series of small-drop hydroelectric projects.