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Adding Bluetooth to One Inch Punch

A Pan Tilt Mount for a Camera Using a Stepper and Servo
Oct 4, 2019

We took the pan/tilt mount from Wednesday and added Bluetooth support. People were asking if the One Inch Punch could be made wireless, and the answer is “in about twenty minutes”. Plans after the break. This is a small demonstration showing that the One Inch Punch bus can be accessed wirelessly, such as this HC-05 Bluetooth Module. This allows more widespread or mobile automation solutions, such as drones, to rely on the One Inch Punch for internal control, and a remote control for an external interface.


One Inch Punch - Tiny but Powerful

The One Inch Punch Logo
Aug 24, 2019

Introducing our newest maker product. One Inch Punch is a powerful and inexpensive controller, with only one square inch of footprint! Control motors, servos, or daisy chain them for even more devices.


Chlorophyll Detector on Mars Rover 2020!

The Robots Everywhere Laser Chlorophyll Detector
Jul 31, 2019

The chlorophyll detector we developed with NASA Ames Research is going to be launched to Mars in 2020! The final design of the detector was sent for space rating in May 2019, and while Robots Everywhere is sad to not be producing the space rated model that will be going up on the rover (NASA is doing that in-house) we are very happy to have our names on the design, and our instrument finally traveling to the red planet.


Ice Cream with Robots

An Automated Ice Cream Dispenser by Robots Everywhere and Tarlow Designs
Apr 16, 2019

This ice cream dispenser was built in collaboration with Tarlow Design Not only was it a delicious project, but it lead to the creation of the One Inch Punch Controller! The One Inch Punch is a common serial bus controller with only one square inch of footprint, with built in motor, servo, and secondary serial I/O. Even alone, the One Inch Punch is powerful enough to control individual tools, such as a drill press, winch, or hopper.


Working to Get Rid of Landmines

The Minesweepers Landmine Free Logo
Oct 28, 2017

We are now a technical cosponsor with Minesweepers Towards a Landmine-Free World by contributing NAVCOM AI technology to the competitors in Malaysia. We are proud to help make the world a safer place. Land mines are a serious problem, and we are excited to be able to contribute to their removal. Take a look at for more information about our participation and what their organization is doing to remove land mines.


Cutting Steak with a 3D Printed Knife

A 3D Printed Knife Cutting a Steak at Dinner
Nov 25, 2015

The organometallic filament we are developing is capable of holding a nice sharp edge, as demonstrated here with a piece of steak. This test suggests possible medical and industrial applications as well as 3D printed cutlery, all from a filament we generate here on-site that is compatible with a standard extruder. Move over titanium spork!


L-Cheapo Mk2 Output Test

L-Cheapo Mk2 Output Test
Nov 25, 2015

This was the first power output test of the L-Cheapo Mark 2. This solid state laser cutter, and others, are available for under $300.


Pykrete from Martian Regolith

A Model Mars Habitation Structure from Pykrete
Oct 1, 2015

With every milligram of weight mattering so much, there's no way it makes sense to bring building materials with us beyond the absolute bare minimum. Bricks of a substance much like this could soon form the first semi-permanent off-Earth settlement humanity has ever created!


Battlebots 2015!

Battlebots Bronco Logo Insignia by Inertia Labs
Jun 25, 2015

We participated in Battlebots 2015 by providing the firmware and some of the electronics for Inertia Labs' Bronco heavyweight battlebot. Check out the show on ABC starting today! Bronco's first fight will broadcast June 28th.


Google Cardboard on Android 2

A Person Doing Yoga in the Robots Everywhere Office
Feb 15, 2015

We backported Google Cardboard to Android 2 in order to use old surplus phones to teach yoga.