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A Controllerless Solar Bike

The third solar ebike
Apr 28, 2021

The Last Solar Ebike was stolen back in February, and we decided to make a few improvements on the next version. With a flash of inspiration towards simplicity, a purely analog solar bicycle was born. It uses no ICs or microcontrollers of any kind, only 5 MOSFETs, a transistor, and passive components. We've included a schematic at the end, for everyone interested.


AudioSerial Over the Air!

A Food Delivery Box with AudioSerial Modem Lock
Jan 22, 2021

Robots Everywhere has once again partnered with Tarlow Design to help food deliveries reach their clients securely and safely, in the wake of COVID-19. We hope with the use of our technology, we can overcome some common problems small restaurants have with big delivery services. More interestingly, we've found a way to expand our AudioSerial technology to operate over the air - not just over the wire!


Bridging CellSol Networks with IRC!

An IRC Window Showing CellSol Pylons, and the Cellsol Window
Dec 3, 2020

CellSol has just pushed a cool new feature to its development branch on GitHub: the ability to bridge networks over the wider Internet, using Internet Relay Chat (IRC).


CellSol Kits are Available!

CellSol Arduino Repeater Pylon Kit
Nov 27, 2020

CellSol kits are now available on the Robots Everywhere Product Store! For those who are looking to expand their CellSol networks, kits to build Arduino Repeater Pylons with and without Bluetooth are available. We also offer a pre-flashed version of the LoRa32 used to set up an ESP32 WiFi Pylon.


Building a Resilient Network for Humanity

the CellSol logo
Nov 19, 2020

We've been quiet lately, but as always, busy. Robots Everywhere is proud to announce its partnership with CellSol, a not-for-profit open-source project dedicated to building a diaster-resilient wireless network free for all of humanity to use.


The Machine Spirit Awakens!

A Warhammer 40k Land Raider, Partially Built, with LEDs and Remote Control
Oct 23, 2020

While we're not quite ready to reveal the projects we've been spending a lot of the fall of 2020 on, Riley has been doing something with an in-development robot architecture in his spare time. This is a Land Raider model from Warhammer 40000, by Games Workshop, fitted up with lights, sounds, a camera, and working FPV drive! While it's not finished yet, it runs and drives, so here's a video and an in-depth look on how he built it.


More Saltwater Etching with L-Cheapo!

A Steel Plate Etched by Saltwater
Oct 12, 2020

As we said in our previous post, we've got more information on saltwater etching from Bruce Bradley, who's put together a nice instructional video, which we've uploaded to our Youtube channel. Bruce has been using automotive primer as a masking paint for his etching; over here in our lab, we've been using Duplicolor as our go-to brand, but most others designed for sandability and weather resistance are fine. Enjoy the video, and let us know if you have done anything cool with our products yourself!


L-Cheapo Mk7 Improvements!

The L-Cheapo Laser Cutter Module Mark 7 Seen from Top Down
Sep 15, 2020

The L-Cheapo Mk7 is back in stock! We've also made some small changes to the way we build the L-Cheapo Mk7, and would like to share them with you. It's still the same laser; but the next run should get a wee bit better.


Saltwater Etching Metal with L-Cheapo

A Steel Plate Etched by Saltwater
Aug 26, 2020

We have for you today another submission from Bruce Bradley, the gentleman responsible for the six-year L-Cheapo, demonstrating saltwater etching with his laser. Saltwater etching of conductive metals is a relatively simple electrochemical process. A good Instructable explains the details of the process. The purpose of the laser in etching is to cut the mask material or paint, instead of using a scalpel as in the above demonstration. This allows for complex shapes to be very precisely cut, and with the right mask material, a clean edge mated to the metal.


Another Solar EBike!

The New Bike - Custom Saddle and All!
Jun 18, 2020

This is another ebike, this time built from an ordinary bicycle using a rim mounted friction drive. Designed for a now-defunct client, these surplus parts ended up in our storage closet waiting to be put to use. Waste not, want not.